The Thermtech Philosophy

Thermtech believes a long-term, win/win business is based on relationships. The foundation of successful relationships is fairness between parties and strict adherence to creating a win/win situation for both Thermtech and our clients. A fair relationship is based on providing the client a quality job at a price that is competitive and allows Thermtech to make a fair profit. As our core values point out, we also believe relationships must be based on honesty, integrity, accountability, professionalism and quality. This is our desire and our goal, but if we ever fall short on this goal we want to know about it so we can make the proper adjustments. Please visit our Contact page to give us praise or constructive advice.

Our Mission Statement

It is Thermtech’s mission to assure our clients complete satisfaction by offering many key products and professional installation by trained technicians in a timely manner at a reasonable price while providing the added benefits of follow-up service, warranty service and professional consultation for future projects.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Integrity: As a company and as individuals we strive to operate with honesty and integrity as the key elements in all decisions and relationships. Truthfulness is not enough, full disclosure and open discussions about issues and concerns with clients and fellow employees leads to team cohesion and a win-win for everyone.

Accountability: We take full responsibility for our actions and will always do what is necessary to correct any shortcomings or errors.

Professionalism: Our clients deserve a professional company with professional employees who will always treat our clients, vendors and even competitors with respect. Professionalism includes how we act, dress, and communicate our knowledge and how we fulfill our commitments.

Quality: Providing high quality materials and workmanship to ensure the satisfaction of our clients is the foundation of our work.

Fairness/Win-Win: Our efforts will be guided by honesty, professionalism and a focus on quality while being for a fair price. Thermtech must offer reasonable, competitive pricing while ensuring corporate success years to come.